If Variety Is The Spice Of Life, PDR Spice Varieties Will Make Your Life Vividly Wholesome

One Drop Of Cinnamon Bark Oil In A Cup Of Water

Makes All The Difference In Your Body Energy During The Day

Video courtesy – Business Insider

About P D Romanis & Sons

We are a nature-friendly Sri Lankan Company with humble beginnings in the nineteen forties which was painstakingly developed through the years by our Founder, P D Romanis, whose vision and mission was to present Ceylon Cinnamon in its purest form to the world.  We are proud of being firmly committed to the sacred ideals of our Founder. Also, we are proud of our current position of being a large exporter of spice products to more than 12 foreign countries. We have successfully blended our solemn commitment to perfection and our age old spice-expertise with the currently available sophisticated processing techniques to bring to you the most natural range of spices, oils, fruits, vegetables and many more.

We invite you to enjoy the superior results of our unwavering efforts.

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